man holding knee in pain while jogging

A quadriceps tendon rupture occurs relatively infrequently and usually occurs in athletes older than 40 years. Injuries to the quadriceps tendon can be very disabling. They can cause significant loss of time from sport and work. If not treated appropriately, these injuries can have many negative long-term sequelae, however if diagnosed quickly and treated appropriately, […]

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Soccer Knee Injury

Knee injuries are one of the most common injuries seen in athletics today. Most athletes can recover completely from knee injuries and return to their pre-injury level of competition. However, some of these injuries can be career-enders and lead to chronic pain and function loss. Early detection and proper treatment of these injuries is crucial […]

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Baseball Pitcher

There are several pathologies other than ulnar collateral ligament tear the elbow surgeon sees in throwing athletes Baseball is America’s pastime with a strong tradition in Georgia. However, no other sport places the athlete’s elbow at more risk. This has been magnified as athletes specialize earlier, throw harder, play year-round, and in general, “put more […]

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