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Our mission is to provide a comprehensive team approach with a time-honored commitment to compassionate care for an excellent outcome. We're grateful to have such fantastic reviews from patients who have overcome medical hardships with our Physicians' help.

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Thanks to Dr. Patel, Lori and the whole team at OrthoGeorgia, my hand is back to letting me be able to do what I love to do.

While sighting in his gun, Slade Thompson pulled the trigger and the gun exploded in his hand, causing a traumatic hand injury. At the hospital, OrthoGeorgia's Dr. Patel was on call. Within 2 hours he was in surgery to repair what was left of his thumb, index finger and middle finger. He then had rehab with OrthoGeorgia's OT Lori Gilbert and now he's back to doing what he loves.

Slade Thompson
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Thanks to OrthoGeorgia, I am back to designing, walking and playing with my grandchildren.

Designer, Peggy Keys', left knee pain was interfering with her daily activities. She chose OrthoGeorgia's Dr. Brian Ludwig. She had the option of the first "smart knee" replacement in the area, and was excited to be part of that new technology. She was pleasantly surprised how quickly she was back to enjoying her life.

Peggy Keys
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Thanks to OrthoGeorgia and their magic, I'm able to do my magic pain free.

Magician Mike Fuller had knee pain for years. He heard wonderful things about OrthoGeorgia and said they are true. Mike enjoyed the caring staff, especially Dr. Jorgensen, David Bruce, PA, and Patrick in Rehab. He is now pain free and he wishes he had done his knee replacement a lot earlier!

Mike Fuller
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Thanks to OrthoGeorgia, I am back on the field and ready to go.

After an MRI, John Milledge Academy Athlete, Remington Weaver, was told he had a torn labrum in his shoulder. Fellowship Trained Sports Medicine Specialist, Matthew Toth, MD performed his surgery and now Remington is back on the field playing baseball.

Remington Weaver
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Thanks to OrthoGeorgia, I'm back on the field making plays, and I am Ohio bound baby!

Tony tore his ACL and injured his meniscus while playing football. He planted too hard while running down the field to make a tackle. Dr. Richard Thomas repaired Tony's knee and he feels even better than he did before.

Tony Mathis, Jr.
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Thanks to OrthoGeorgia, I am pain-free and life is back to normal!

Wendy Wilkes suffered from a severe break in multiple places in her arm after falling from a stool. Her friends on social media unanimously recommended OrthoGeorgia. She had surgery at OrthoGeorgia's surgery center with Dr. Levina and couldn't be more pleased with her outcome.

Wendy Wilkes
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Thanks to OrthoGeorgia, Howard's the leader of the pack

Retired police officer Howard Jones suffered from chronic knee pain after an injury. OrthoGeorgia's orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Stapleton performed knee replacement surgery on both knees and he did Physical Therapy with us. He's now pain free and recommends OrthoGeorgia, Dr. Stapleton, the staff, surgery center and physical therapy department to everyone. He went from being the caboose on family outings, to the leader of the pack!

Howard Jones
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Thanks OrthoGeorgia, my wife and I are just going to be traveling and enjoying life

Bob McDonald first came to OrthoGeorgia because of hip pain. A thorough evaluation revealed his back was the cause of the pain not his hip. OrthoGeorgia spine surgeon Dr. Kelley Jr. fused his last 5 vertebrae and Bob was off all pain medications after 2 weeks, and is pain free for the first time in decades.

Bob McDonald
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Thank you so much to OrthoGeorgia, for helping me continue to pursue my dreams.

Mahalia Laguines has had a total of 3 surgeries at OrthoGeorgia. OrthoGeorgia Foot and Ankle Specialist, John Chrabuszcz, MD, provided care for Mahalia as a student athlete. Mahalia was able to continue playing soccer in her team's championship, then on a scholarship at Emory University. Care at OrthoGeorgia's Foot & Ankle Center played a part in allowing Mahalia to continue to pursuing her dream of going on to medical school and becoming a physician.

Mahalia Laguines
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If it wasn't for OrthoGeorgia and Dr. Harris, I wouldn't be back here where I am right now..........playing sports for the Bears!

Houston County athlete, Ty Waters, suffered an injury after being tackled during a high school football game. OrthoGeorgia Sports Medicine Specialist, Jonathan Harris, MD, performed surgery within hours. Surgery and physical therapy at OrthoGeorgia allowed Ty to get back to playing baseball and football for the Houston County Bears. Go Bears!

Ty Waters
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Thanks to OrthoGeorgia, I'm back at work AT OrthoGeorgia!

OrthoGeorgia Director of DME Shares his Experience as an OrthoGeorgia Hip Replacement Patient

Daniel Darden
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Proverbs say a merry heart is good medicine. They give you that merry heart at OrthoGeorgia.

Dr. Stephen Taunton was a practicing physician in Forsyth, Georgia for 40 years. He referred hundreds of his patients in need of orthopaedic care to OrthoGeorgia. Dr. Taunton is also a patient at OrthoGeorgia. He explains what sets OrthoGeorgia apart and why there is no need to travel for exceptional orthopaedic care in Georgia.

Dr. Stephen Taunton
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From the time the surgery ended, I knew my hand was better.

Dr. Stephen Taunton went to see OrthoGeorgia's Dr. Patel for one hand issue and another elbow condition was also uncovered during evaluation. Dr. Patel performed two surgeries under one anethesia on Dr. Taunton, and he hasn't experienced any problems with his hand or elbow since.

Dr. Stephen Taunton
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The hip replacement was great. I'm pretty active, I love outdoor activity, and I've actually had no difficulties whatsoever.

Dr. Stephen Taunton shares about his experience with OrthoGeorgia and OrthoGeorgia Orthopaedic Specialist, Dennis K. Jorgensen, MD. After hip replacement surgery with Dr. Jorgensen, Dr. Taunton returns to his active life with family.

Dr. Stephen Taunton
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Thanks to OrthoGeorgia, I'm fixing to be able to go backpacking again...and best of all, I'll be able to play on the floor with my granddaughter.

Joel Stringer had his left hip replaced with Dr. Pope and was backpacking within 3 months. He's returned for additional surgeries of his right hip and both knees, due to his successful outcome.

Joe Stringer
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They have been a blessing to help me be able to do all the activities I enjoy.

2022 GA Slalom Ski Champion Darren Suggs is a long time patient of OrthoGeorgia, being treated for various injuries, including knee, hand, and back conditions. With the help of our orthopaedic specialists and care, Darren is able to enjoy hunting, fishing, waterskiing and snow skiing!

Darren Suggs
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Hands down, OrthoGeorgia is the best

After being referred to OrthoGeorgia, Nancy was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome and treated by Dr. Blackwell. She's been treated for multiple hand issues, and says OrthoGeorgia is the only place she trusts!

Nancy Scouten
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Thanks to OrthoGeorgia, I can still be "Skippy" to my grandchildren and enjoy and have a great time!

After a bad fall with a broken elbow, repaired by Dr. Robinson, Lynne was informed her bones were soft and was recommended to our Bone Health Clinic.

Lynne Patterson
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I recommend anyone that is having knee pain, to come to OrthoGA.

Kristen Andrews had knee arthritis and no cartilage in her knees. Dr. Slappey replaced both knees, and "Now, I can go back to doing the things that I love.

Kristen Andrews
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Because of Dr. Dasher and OrthoGeorgia, it was like a new lease on life for me.

Avid rock climber gets a new lease on life after a fall, thanks to OrthoGeorgia.

Michael Williams
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Instead of being laid up, I'm doing lay ups, thanks to OrthoGeorgia.

Mercer University basketball player is back in the game with the help of OrthoGeorgia's Sports Medicine team.

Jordan Jones
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I'm going to be an active grandma, because of OrthoGeorgia.

First time Grandma thanks OrthoGeorgia for helping her live actively with rheumatoid arthritis.

Terry Manning
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Thanks to OrthoGeorgia, I'm back in the gym and doing what I love to do!

Dr. Pope and OrthoGeorgia got me right in and did surgery within days.

Greg Fields
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Thanks to OrthoGeorgia I'm ready for the puck to drop!

Thanks to the team over at OrthoGeorgia, they've done a tremendous job and get us back out and performing every single weekend to the best of our ability.

Caleb Cameron
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Thanks to OrthoGeorgia, I'm ready to play tournaments this Spring.

Joe McDaniel cleared for tournaments two months after knee surgery.

Joe McDaniel
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Thanks to OrthoGeorgia they got me back.

I had a torn rotator cuff, and he did a tremendous job, Not only the surgery but the therapy I got.

Dr. Terrence Ferguson
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I wouldn't go anywhere else but OrthoGeorgia.

I was having a lot of pain in my shoulder they took some of the bone out and then they cleaned up where I had some small tears.

Elizabeth Cleveland
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Thanks to OrthoGeorgia I was back on the field.

Dr. Thomas was a good doctor because he had worked with NFL teams, with my physical therapy I was actually able to get back in time for region and playoffs.

Dexter Ricks, Jr.
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I got that spring back in my step.

I was just hobbling around the courts for the longest time. I would tell them to go to OrthoGeorgia.

Paul Midkiff
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OrthoGeorgia has delivered excellent care.

"I can't thank them enough for all they do in the community - feeding the children and helping the senior citizens. I am honored to be a patient at OrthoGeorgia."

June O'Neal, Community Mentor and OrthoGeorgia patient
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I fractured it, they patched me on up.

"Now I can do ballet, bake, cartwheels and do lots of other fun stuff - OrthoGeorgia is the best!"

Jie Sutherland, Ballerina and OrthoGeorgia patient
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Had to get surgery, Dr. Ojo, great guy, perfect man for it.

"walked my date out at prom, walked out at graduation…I'd just like to thank OrthoGeorgia, I finally got my life back and I can do the things I love!"

Jay Lee, Soccer Player and OrthoGeorgia patient
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Broke my ankle during football season.

"I went to OrthoGeorgia for surgery and rehab and now I am back to doing what I do like football and basketball. Thanks OrthoGeorgia for putting me back on the field!"

Jaylen Covington, Football Player and OrthoGeorgia patient
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Fantastic surgery all the way through.

"best part about it was being home that night…did rehab here, xrays here, pharmacists here, you name it...OrthoGeorgia was my choice for orthopaedic excellence."

Tom Gibbons, Fly Fisherman and OrthoGeorgia patient
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I Was Back On My Feet By The End Of The Week.

“I really like Dr. Brooks. I'll be honest I'm stubborn and I don't listen to a lot of people and he was right to the point with me about what I needed to do and what was happening... and it feels better now than it did 10, 15, 20 years ago it really does."

Eric Hayes, Mercer Tennis Coach & OrthoGeorgia Patient
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I Have Not Received Care Like That Before.

“It was very convenient, people were attentive... on a scale of 1-10, I'd have to say 10, honestly. I hope I don't have another replacement, but if I do, I'll come back to OrthoGeorgia."

Nathaniel Knight, OrthoGeorgia Patient
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I Began to Feel Better Immediately.

“I love my new hip, I’m free of pain, and I can walk again! I love OrthoGeorgia and Dr. Thornsberry!"

Betty Ragland, 2009 Cherry Blossom Senior Queen & OrthoGeorgia Patient
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I Can’t Give Praise Enough.

“I’ve been on my bike, I can kneel at the alter and pray, and I can walk without a limp. There’s hardly any pain in my leg!”

Wayne Lenderman, Pastor of Fort Valley First Assembly of God & OrthoGeorgia Patient
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OrthoGeorgia was the Best Experience for Me.

“At OrthoGeorgia, they made sure I was ready to get after my Senior Year in the best way possible and, more than that, that I'd be ready to go to Georgia in the Fall.”

Aniyah Black, Dodge County High Senior, Softball Player, and OrthoGeorgia Patient
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If the Surgery Hadn't Been Successful, I Wouldn't Have Had Half the Life that I Had.

“My hand was severed, amputated at the palm. My mom insisted that I was taken to Macon, because she knew that Dr. Floyd was the best in the game.”

Sanford Caroline
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OrthoGeorgia has me back in the driver seat.

“Dr.Schnetzer he did surgery on me, very good doctor. That's the doctor you want to work on you, somebody that go in and see a problem, and fix it. It's the same thing I do in my passion with cars."

Nick C. Buckhalter
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I'm back on the tennis court.

“About an hour after I came out of the recovery room and they had me walking down the hall. It was the most unbelievable thing you've ever seen."

Joanna Jones
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Thanks to OrthoGeorgia I'm back on the field.

“Dr. Jorgensen would be the one handling her surgery and we have a long relationship with OrthoGeorgia, they are our team physicians and so I knew she was in great hands with OrthoGeorgia."

Grace Hiller & Joey Hiller
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I know I made the right decision.

"There was a time when I didn't know that I'd be able to run again and their team helped me to be able to put my best foot forward."

Greg Elrod