Current Openings

OrthoGeorgia is seeking an Orthopaedic Medical Assistant to work with a fellowship trained Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon in our Macon and Warner Robins offices. Responsible for rendering professional clinical care within the medical practice in support of and as directed by the physician or other practitioner. Professional clinical care includes direct patient care, as well as maintaining an accurate patient medical record. The Medical Assistant will also have general responsibilities to assist in day-to-day operations of the office, to include EMR scribe.

OrthoGeorgia is seeking a Lead Certified Coder to oversee the day-to-day responsibilities of the coding and billing staff. Organize internal and external audits. Communicates coding regulations and compliance to physicians and staff. Works under the direct supervision of the Business Office Manager. Supervisory responsibilities for coding and billing staff. Has daily contact with providers, fellow staff members and industry representatives.

OrthoGeorgia is seeking a Pre-OP LPN/RN that is responsible for the planning, coordination, screening, and pre-procedure orientation for all of the patients undergoing a planned surgical/procedural event. The Pre-OP LPN/RN serves as the facilitator of communications within the multi-disciplinary team. The Pre-OP LPN/RN will evaluate each patient to identify perioperative and intraoperative risks or problems, so that they may be avoided. In addition, the LPN/RN will work directly with anesthesia providers and surgeons to determine necessary safety screening criteria and pre-op teaching standards. This role is required to perform the full pre-surgical history via a scheduled onsite nurse appointment in conjunction with an anesthesia provider (as needed). The LPN/RN helps to arrange medical consultations for patients, if necessary. Surgical prep instructions, including but not limited to, NPO requirements, medications to be taken on the morning of surgery, and anesthesia options will be covered routinely. The Pre-OP LPN/RN will ensure that all ordered diagnostic tests and labs are completed by the patient in a timely manner.

Awards and Affiliations

Sports Injury Clinic: Saturdays 9AM - 11 AM, at the Macon Building A.

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