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Total Hip Replacement in Central GA

What is Total Hip Replacement?

At OrthoGeorgia, we are proud to offer our patients several total joint replacement procedures, including total hip replacement in Central GA. The hip joint consists of a ball and socket, and during total hip replacement one or both of these elements of the joint can be removed and replaced with artificial implants. Damaged and inflamed hip joints can cause debilitating pain for patients of any age, leading to a reduced quality of life and an inability to perform daily activities and hobbies. At OrthoGeorgia, our joint replacement specialists work with patients seeking comprehensive hip care to help them get back to doing what they love. If your doctor feels that a total hip replacement may be right for you, they will walk you through the process and what you can expect after your procedure. Learn more about total hip replacement below, and contact the OrthoGeorgia location nearest you to meet with a member of our team!

Is Total Hip Replacement Right for Me?

Those with orthopaedic pain are often able to find relief through conservative treatment methods, such as medication, joint injections, or physical therapy. However, some patients continue to experience pain that significantly impacts their quality of life, making surgery a possible treatment option. A decline in your quality of life due to hip pain may be indicated by an inability to sleep, difficulty performing daily tasks (like getting dressed or climbing stairs), and the inability to continue to participate in the activities you enjoy. Your doctor may also recommend a hip replacement if your pain persists while using a cane or walker. Most patients who undergo total hip replacement are between the ages of 50 and 80. However, this type of procedure is known to be successful for those of all ages. If you are wondering whether or not total hip replacement is the right next step for you, please talk to your orthopaedic specialist. They will provide recommendations for treatment based on your unique situation and goals while also answering any questions you may have about total hip replacement.

What are the Benefits of Total Hip Replacement?

Total hip replacement can help patients begin to live and move more comfortably, addressing pain caused by a variety of orthopaedic conditions. Pain caused by conditions that damage the hip joint, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteonecrosis, can often be addressed via total hip replacement. A hip injury or fracture that has not healed properly can also sometimes be addressed with this procedure. The benefits and goals of total hip replacement include reduced pain, improved function, and greater strength and mobility. Hip replacements are known to have a high success rate and provide patients with an enhanced quality of life, helping them regain their independence and get back to doing what they love without pain. At OrthoGeorgia, your surgeon will talk to you about staying active after surgery and how you can ease back into your routine as you recover.

Total Hip Replacement at OrthoGeorgia

Before Your Hip Replacement

Before being scheduled for a total hip replacement, your surgeon at OrthoGeorgia will talk to you about the procedure and how you will need to prepare. They will walk you through the potential risks and benefits, as well as what your recovery will look like. It is important to have realistic expectations for the outcome of your procedure. Most patients who undergo hip replacement surgery experience a significant improvement in their ability to perform daily activities. Preparation for your surgery is likely to include medical tests, stopping certain medications, and preparing your home for your recovery. This may include arranging for someone to assist you at home after your surgery.

During Your Hip Replacement

On average, total hip replacement surgery can take anywhere from one to two hours to complete. The exact surgical time will depend on your anatomy and the unique details of your hip replacement. Similarly to other total joint replacement procedures, your surgeon will remove the damaged cartilage and bone and then position implants to aid in proper hip alignment and function. At OrthoGeorgia, we utilize the most current technology to perform your hip replacement. 

After Your Hip Replacement

The exact details of your recovery may vary depending on the unique details of your procedure. However, most patients can return home the same day as their surgery. You will need to follow your surgeon’s instructions to have the most successful recovery possible. Your doctor will guide you on your recovery process, which is likely to include pain medication, wound care, plenty of fluids, and a guided activity program. This may include walking, resuming normal household activities, and a physical therapy plan. Your physical therapist at OrthoGeorgia will help you with strengthening and mobility exercises so you can regain proper use of your joints and muscles. Patients who have undergone a total hip replacement can work with our rehabilitation team in Macon (Buildings A and B), Warner Robins, and Kathleen.

Other Joint Replacement Procedures We Offer in Central GA

Patients in Central GA can trust OrthoGeorgia to deliver comprehensive and compassionate total joint care. Don’t let joint pain control your life – schedule an appointment with one of our orthopaedic joint specialists to receive the support and guidance you need to start living more comfortably. Using the latest joint replacement techniques, our team helps patients experience pain relief, improved mobility, and a more active lifestyle. Our total joint surgery specialties in Central GA include:

Orthopaedic Total Joint Specialists at OrthoGeorgia

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Jonathan S. Harris, MD
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