Workers' Compensation

OrthoGeorgia is committed to providing high quality medical care to the injured employee and prompt information the employers need to return the employee back to work quickly and safely.

Our Workers' Compensation Program is centered on three main components:


We understand the importance of seeing injured employee's in a timely fashion.  OrthoGeorgia's commitment to employers is to see their injured employee's within 24 hours of the injury.  Our physicians deliver efficient and effective medical care for all musculoskeletal, bone, or joint injuries.

Workers' Compensation Communications

We understand the employer needs timely information. OrthoGeorgia physicians complete a full report with treatment plan and work status included and will provide this information each time the employee is seen. If the employee is unable to return to regular duty status, our physicians report will outline detailed return to work restrictions for modified duty.


Employers can expect the same timely communication regardless of which OrthoGeorgia office the injured employee is seen. OrthoGeorgia's dedicated workers' compensation team of professionals consists of a Georgia State Licensed Workers' Compensation Adjuster, Certified Workers' Compensation Professional (CWCP), and Certified Medical Providers Workers' Compensation Professionals (MPWCP).

We offer a number of services that include but are not limited to Functional Capacity Evaluations and Impairment Ratings. OrthoGeorgia physicians at all our locations are available to meet with employers and tour the work place to better understand the type of jobs performed and to better direct the overall treatment plan.