Advanced Technology

Orthopaedic Research and Innovations at OrthoGeorgia

The technological revolution in Orthopaedics is in full swing. 

Advancing our Knowledge of Orthopaedics in Georgia

Although sophisticated orthopaedic technology is already available, advances in the development of new technologies have extended to biologics, pharmacotherapeutics, and prosthetic devices. As a result of participating in clinical trials, the physicians at OrthoGeorgia have the opportunity to evaluate their findings and translate that information to benefit every one of our patients.

OrthoGeorgia is fortunate to have Fellowship Trained Orthopaedic Surgeons at all six locations that are interested in the latest orthopaedic innovations. With high interest in improving the services offered to our patients, OrthoGeorgia was first in the Central Georgia region to provide partial knee resurfacing for early to mid-stage osteoarthritis powered by a Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopaedic System by Stryker/Mako. This robotic assisted knee surgery provides the surgeon with real-time visual, tactile, and auditory feedback to facilitate optimal joint resurfacing and pinpoint implant positioning. This hyper-accurate placement results in a more natural knee motion following surgery and the Stryker/Mako robotic system offers less down time, shorter rehabilitation, and is less invasive than the traditional Total Knee Replacement approach. OrthoGeorgia physicians offer this procedure in our out-patient surgery facility.

What is best and fastest today will soon be ancient history tomorrow.

The physicians at OrthoGeorgia recognize the value and importance of emerging technologies. OrthoGeorgia is offering the most advanced Orthopaedic treatments to our patients in the central Georgia area.

  • OrthoGeorgia is proactively involved in current research in orthopaedics. 
  • The clinical data extracted from these studies will be presented at scientific meetings across the US and submitted to peer review journals for publication. 
  • The future of orthopaedic clinical research is promising and the physicians at OrthoGeorgia are honored to participate. 
  • New surgical approaches, devices, and more accurate/rapid diagnostic techniques will be devised in the future.
Advanced Technology

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