Sports Medicine Rehab

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OthoGeorgia is committed to the prevention, care, and rehabilitation of all athletic injuries whether they happen on an organized sport field, at the work place, or in your own backyard.

Our focus is to return the individual back to play with full range of motion, strength, endurance, and the functional ability they had before the injury.  The physicians, trainers, and therapists collaborate together to design a customized rehabilitation program for the specific needs of the individual and to promote fitness with a healthy living life style.

This collaboration provides for a Winning Combination at OrthoGeorgia.

Community Services / Education
Along with sport event coverage for area colleges and high schools, OrthoGeorgia provides preseason health screenings for student athletes.  These screenings are required by the GHSA for public and private schools.

We believe education and community service are essential to any outreach program, so we engage our communities with sports medicine symposiums, coaches clinics, health fairs, campus health talks, back schools, and community fitness awareness forums.  OrthoGeorgia also is happy to provide an Athletic Injury Clinic from 9am to noon every Saturday (during football season only) at no cost to our local In-Season athletes; the service includes an X-ray and evaluation by a sports fellowship trained physician.  For more information regarding this service call 478-745-4206 or 478-750-2803.

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