Pool Therapy

The Pool Therapy Program at OrthoGeorgia Northside Drive & OrthoGeorgia Forsyth Street allows us greater flexibility in treating our patients. Our pools consists of an 8' x 5' treadmill, with side support rails, that can be controlled by a hand held remote and can be raised completely out of the water to allow the patient easy access and exit. A great benefit of our underwater treadmills is that it allows patients who cannot bear much weight early in their rehab program the ability to work on gait training and early functional exercises. The treadmills can be lowered to a depth of up to 6 feet and the water temperature is kept at a comfortable 92 degrees.

Our treadmills vary in speed from .1 to 8.5 mph.  This wide range of speed allows us the freedom to accommodate someone who is having simple gait problems to the athlete that needs a more aggressive regimen.  Front and side underwater cameras give the patients a bi-directional look from the eye level monitors that assist our patients with a visual understanding of how to correct various gait disturbances.  Our underwater treadmills have a wide variety of indications including the ankle, knee, hip, surgical or non-surgical spine conditions, and upper extremity range of motion and strength deficits.

OrthoGeorgia's water therapy program is a (one on one) rehabilitation/workout with a credentialed professional and is included in patient rehabilitation protocols for patients from 15 to 80 years young.  The aqua therapy program at OrthoGeorgia has proven to be an excellent asset to our overall rehabilitation program.