Wayne Kelley, Jr., MD, Discusses Fusion Surgery for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Spine Videos | May 9, 2022

How is Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Treated?

Hi, I’m Wayne Kelley. I’m an orthopaedic spine surgeon here at OrthoGeorgia. I’m going to talk to you about fusion surgeries for lumbar spinal stenosis today. When I talk about lumbar spinal stenosis, we’re talking about the lower back. We’re talking about pressure on the nerve roots or in the spinal canal. We always start with conservative treatment to include anti-inflammatories, rest, steroids, physical therapy, and injections, but sometimes it requires a fusion. 

What are the Benefits of Fusion Surgery for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis? 

In the past we’ve been wary about fusions because of the risk, but now we’re able to perform that same amount of decompression and correction of the spine through small incisions. We’re able to decompress these nerves and the nerve roots and place a cage and screws. We use robotic precision placed screws in the hospital, and we can place these screws exactly how we preplan them ahead of time. Another way of doing this is going from the side where we go and take the disc out and we’re able to decompress the nerve and correct deformity, and we do it all through small incisions. This is helpful for the patient to decrease blood loss, decrease surgical time, and improve their overall ability to get back to work and back to things they enjoy sooner.

About Dr. Kelley


Dr. Wayne Kelley is a board certified, fellowship-trained orthopaedic spine surgeon at OrthoGeorgia, specializing in the conservative and surgical treatment of all spinal conditions. He works with patients at our Macon Spine Center and our Dublin office. Dr. Kelley has special interest and significant experience in cervical spine problems and degenerative lumbar conditions, including spinal stenosis and disc herniation. He is trained in the newest minimally invasive robot-assisted techniques for addressing spinal issues and helping patients live their most comfortable lives. Dr. Kelley is also an eight-year military veteran, having served in our Naval Forces.

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